Character Enneagrams

While vacationing with my family in Alabama last weekend, our friend introduced me to this personality test called the Enneagram. What is the Ennegram? Your Enneagram Coach says:

The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) is simply a map (GPS) for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types.

After she explained which type she was (a 2) and also described some of her other friends and loved ones (we’re both married to 8s), I had to admit, I was curious. I took the test for myself and came up with 7 as a result. OK, I can see it. Then I decided to take the test for my characters Sharnita and Mike, the love interests in Sharnita with the Blue Nails.

All graphics were adapted from Your Enneagram Coach. I highly encourage you to go visit their site and take the quiz!

Sharnita—Type 8

I was surprised by this result. Although I knew Sharnita can be fiercely protective and doesn’t take crap from anyone, she’s also ambitious, outgoing, and responsible.

Eights are similar to snow plows. Healthy Eights use their intensity and power to plow a path for those who cannot plow a path for themselves. Eights have no problem being the ones who take the “hits” so that others can move forward in life. They are especially good at plowing a path for those who are at the mercy of injustice.

Your Enneagram Coach

Mike—Type 1

This one I expected. Mike’s not aggressive, but he’s not a doormat either. He wants things to be right, and he’s determined for things to be fair and equitable. Although he seems prickly at first, people who give Mike a shot come to know him as an incredibly generous, hard-working asset to have.

Type Ones are people who are conscientious, sensible, ethical, responsible, idealistic, serious, self-disciplined, orderly, and feel personally obligated to improve themselves and their world.

Your Enneagram Coach

You can even go further into the weeds and research how different types get along in relationships. It’s kind of unreal how accurate some of this stuff is. I found the descriptions true for both my marriage and our friends’ marriage. For Sharnita and Mike, an 8 and 1, respectively:

The combination can be very powerful: they accomplish things with a clear cut sense of purpose and personal mission. Both are decisive and direct, although Eights bring a passion and gusto that counterbalances the One’s self-restraint and propriety. Ones can find Eights exciting, physical, and earthy-all the things that they restrain in themselves. Thus, there can be a strong attraction from both sides. Further, Eights recognize that Ones are as strong-willed and determined as they are: they cannot easily sway or bowl over Ones. Eights thus admire their conviction and are attracted to the challenge of getting closer to Ones. In many ways, these two types are opposites-the pirate and the schoolteacher-although both could learn a great deal from the other, if they are willing to listen to someone with such different values, reactions, and ways of doing things.

The Enneagram Institute

There’s much more, but I found that whole paragraph so accurate to what I envisioned Sharnita’s and Mike’s relationship to be like.

Personality quizzes are a great tool for individuals to understand themselves better, of course, but they also can benefit authors. Just don’t use them as a form of resistance to procrastinate on writing the first draft. This is probably outlining/pre-planning or second drafting type of material. I kinda wished I would’ve done more of this before I finished Sharnita, but I’m glad to see I was on the right track!