Collaboration and a New Fantasy Collection

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“Group projects” was the most dreaded phrase a professor could utter in college classes. In professional settings, it’s “teambuilding exercises.” Ick. Then, in interviews there’s the loaded question, “do you prefer working independently or in a group?”

It’s situations like that and the general assumption that I’m an introvert that made me think that collaboration was probably not for me. But then I thought of how much I enjoy being on sports teams, and that one time in high school when my BFFs and I tried to start a girl group like the Spice Girls. I’m still embarrassed that we sang in front of a couple musical artists we met, expecting to get discovered. It didn’t work out, in case you’re wondering. But we sure looked cute in our matching outfits.

The fact is, I do like bringing people together. I’m not the most organized person, but I’m enthusiastic and open-minded, and that’s something. And although I’m cautious in making decisions, I am an oldest child, which I thinks make me a little bossy naturally. That attitude resulted in this collaboration project I’m excited to announce—a fantasy box set I put together with friends and fellow Chanticleer award winners!
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Six Common Author Myths Busted

It was sweet how many non-writers I talked to called me a “famous author” after hearing about my award win, which is what sparked this blog post. If anyone was ever curious what being an author is all about, hopefully this might answer some of your questions. For those of you who do write, I bet you can identify with some of this! Let’s get to mythbusting!

MYTH 1: Awards make you rich and famous.

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That One Time I Had Drinks with a Hollywood Producer

Almost Famous

From the movie ALMOST FAMOUS. Completely unrelated to the story I’m about to tell.

These are my favorite kinds of stories to hear and tell.

I’d like to think that I keep my blog relatively profesh, but there’s also the matter of writing in “my voice.” And if you’ve read Front Row, girls doing crazy stuff is definitely my voice.

There are moments in my life when I stop and think, “Is this really happening?” I actually pause and smile giddily to myself when no one’s looking because this is actually happening. Like the time I got to spend time on a band’s tour bus. Or the time I was in Hanson’s music video. This was one of those times.
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Conferences and Training and Book Fairs, Oh My!

Me in traditional Floweranthan attire at the Lakefly Writers Conference – does that look like someone who could take apart an engine??

Usually I write a recap of every writers’ conference I go to, and I was originally planning to do that for the Lakefly one I attended in Oshkosh this month. I was tired when I got to the conference, and I was beyond exhausted when I left. But it was so worth it. I made a few good connections, and everyone there was so nice and pleasant. And, AND, I sold more books than I ever have at an event like that. Plus, it was very affordable compared to what I’ve paid for other conferences.

For a quick summary, I will say it was a conference that uniquely specialized in genre fiction, from what I observed. There were sessions tailored to fantasy, historical, and mystery/thriller, among others. Seeing as I don’t write much genre fiction, there wasn’t a ton there for me; but for people who do, it’s definitely something to look into. To get a better idea of the vibe, you may just want to watch the Facebook Live video below that I did from my table.

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