Track Two on Repeat - High ResolutionTRACK TWO ON REPEAT
Young Adult Contemporary
High school is always a drag. Music is the only thing that helps sophomore shot put and discus track star Annette get through it. When Annette learns from the class bully that her favorite band, Fuchsia Fireball, is coming to town, she has to go. The only problem is that her track meet is the same night as the show, and Annette has to convince her parents and her coach to let her go without getting grounded in the meantime. Now Annette has to find someone to go with. Her best friend is too cool for her and only cares about the upcoming dance, but there is this guy online who seems perfect. If he’s real, that is. If the stars don’t align, Annette may miss her only opportunity to see her favorite band, who she believes is the only thing that makes teenage life bearable.
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New Adult Contemporary
Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. And homework, laundry, and drama.
Rachel and her friends have one goal—to meet their favorite band, The Out of Towners—and with some luck and a lot of persistence, they have the opportunity to do just that. As all of Rachel’s dreams, and some of her nightmares, are coming true, she has to learn how to balance the fun of nightly concerts and a new crush with her responsibilities. After some questionable choices, Rachel’s life unravels in front of her, and she scrambles to pick up the pieces.
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Lifers - High ResolutionLIFERS
Adult Contemporary
Lyfers follows three groups of fans in their 20s, 30s, and 40s as they embark on the vacation of a lifetime. They take to the ocean to cruise with their favorite aging boy band, 4 Lyfe. High jinks ensue.
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Published under Bek Castro

Middle Grade Fantasy
Thirteen-year-old Mash is growing weary of life in the tree house. He dreams of someday getting out of Flowerantha, much to the dismay of his best friend, a mermaid. When two girls from another land stumble into his, Mash sees his chance. But the monsternites, Tyrannosaurus Rexes with wings, may find the girls first. Their grudge against the other land spans a decade, and they are not willing to let it go yet. Mash must work together with a young army recruit, who dislikes Mash even before they meet, to return the girls to their land. If they fail, the girls may be trapped forever. And so would he.
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Fantasy Short Story
Part mermaid and part human, Olivia’s job is to work with both the mermaid royalty underwater and the army on land to keep the peace in Flowerantha. She is used to having everything under control and would like to keep it that way. In this short story, Olivia’s latest task is to help two lost visitors from another land find their way back home. But a bigger matter takes priority when the King is kidnapped by a power-hungry monsternite, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex with wings.
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