A Space for Writers

I’m putting this into the world. Someday I want to open a writers’ co-op. A cool space where writers can come in and work on their projects, drink coffee or tea, and hash out ideas. A place to hold author talks, workshops, and other events. A kids’ area stocked with books for people who need to bring their little ones with for an hour or two while they work there too. Comfy couches and chairs with art and furnishings made by friends and local artists to decorate the space and a speaker system perfected by my husband for ambiance.

I’ve been eyeing buildings for sale for the last year or so, but not with any serious intent. This is just a dream right now, but I wanted to officially put it out into the universe. I know nothing about running a business and next to nothing about renting or leasing a building. I don’t even know if this idea is feasible or practical. I’m not entrepreneurial or outgoing by nature, but I do like bringing people together, and I love talking shop with other writers. So there we go. It’s out there now. That’s enough for now.