Collaboration and a New Fantasy Collection

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“Group projects” was the most dreaded phrase a professor could utter in college classes. In professional settings, it’s “teambuilding exercises.” Ick. Then, in interviews there’s the loaded question, “do you prefer working independently or in a group?”

It’s situations like that and the general assumption that I’m an introvert that made me think that collaboration was probably not for me. But then I thought of how much I enjoy being on sports teams, and that one time in high school when my BFFs and I tried to start a girl group like the Spice Girls. I’m still embarrassed that we sang in front of a couple musical artists we met, expecting to get discovered. It didn’t work out, in case you’re wondering. But we sure looked cute in our matching outfits.

The fact is, I do like bringing people together. I’m not the most organized person, but I’m enthusiastic and open-minded, and that’s something. And although I’m cautious in making decisions, I am an oldest child, which I thinks make me a little bossy naturally. That attitude resulted in this collaboration project I’m excited to announce—a fantasy box set I put together with friends and fellow Chanticleer award winners!
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