Authors for a Good Cause

This past weekend, I participated in an Author Showcase presented by The Threshold, an organization in Wisconsin that provides job opportunities and assistance for individuals with cognitive disabilities. It’s a great cause, and the people running the event were all very welcoming, friendly, and game for everything (even face painting!).

Each of the thirty authors donated $25 to The Threshold to have a table at the event where we could meet potential readers and sell our books for a few hours on a Saturday.

Two of my writer friends, Malinda Andrews and M.K. Wiseman, participated last year and had only good things to say about the event, so I figured, why not? I’d have three new books in a series to sell. Well, if you’ve been following me on social media, you know that it ended up only being two since my third book is somehow way more intimidating and harder to finish than the first two, but that turned out not to be a bad thing either.

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Thoughts on Branding: from Fashion to Filters

How much does branding matter, really? The #1 goal of any creator is to provide good content for their audience, right? To tell a good story. Yes, but readers, especially potential repeat readers, want to know what to expect from you. Branding helps with that.

Your brand should represent the emotional response you want from your readers.

The idea of branding used to freak me out. It’s kind of along the same lines as “author voice” that way. How does one even find that? Can it be manufactured? Won’t someone just tell me what the answer is??

But after hearing about “creating your brand” for years at different conferences, I’m finally embracing the idea of fine-tuning my brand. I’d like to break that down for you here, and maybe it’ll help you find yours too, if you’re looking.

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Sell More Books Show Summit 2019 Takeaways

Now that I’ve written about the summit in a couple different ways, let’s recap the thing, shall we?

By the way, as much as I love what seems to be conference season for me, my head was clearly not screwed on right when I left this one. I ended up forgetting my suitcase at the front desk of the hotel before driving two hours home. It’s not quite as dumb as it sounds, but still. It’s not great. Since then, my suitcase and I have been reunited.

Pass the coffee, s’il vous plait! Onto the recap!

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The Importance of Networking (Even When It’s Scary)

Something that came up a lot at the Sell More Books Show Summit 2019 was, INTROVERTS! You must network!!! In fact, I’m kicking myself for not starting a drinking game for how often someone referred to writers as “introverts” that weekend. And it’s true! Many of us are. (I am.)

When I first walked into the theater about a half hour early for dinner and podcast night, I found a handful of other early arrivals, but the place was mostly empty. I introduced myself to Jim Kukral (who had already said he wanted to meet everyone there, so that was a no-brainer), and then cemented myself to the only other woman in the room, my new friend Kinsley Burke.

Throughout the weekend, our group of two grew and fluctuated, and I ended up finding myself always in the company of friendly writers although I had arrived alone.

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