Meet Sharnita Quickley

I’m getting very close to being ready to publish my second book in the Rockin’ Austen series, Sharnita with the Blue Nails. Today, I’m going to have Brit Byers, of Brit with the Pink Hair, introduce Sharnita to you and do a little interview. Enjoy!

Brit: Welcome, Sharnita. Or would you prefer Shar?

Shar: Either is perfect. Shouldn’t I be interviewing you though? You’re the famous one.

Brit: My dad’s the famous one. Anyway, this is about you, not me. You’re the one who’s been on TV before, right? Some singing show? What was that like?

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How Technical Writing Made Me a Better Author

I’ve been in technical communications field for eight years now—first as a technical editor for six years, and currently as a technical writer for two years and counting. Regardless of what kind of products I was reading or writing about, or which company I was working for, the core skills remained the same. And I believe those skills have strengthened my work as a fiction writer as well.

Here are some of things technical editing and writing has taught me:

Pay attention to word choice and repetition.

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