Say You’re Worthy Now

This is one of at least three posts I have planned about the Sell More Books Show Summit 2019. At some point, I want to do my standard recap with my biggest takeaway from each session. Then, I have another in Drafts about the importance of networking, even and especially for introverts. Maybe one about branding too. Here, I’m going to touch a bit on goal setting.

The last official event of the weekend was another networking hour with drinks provided by one of the sponsors. I had to drive, so I skipped the drinks for this one, but I did accept the cookies host Jim Kukral was trying to get rid of!

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Excerpt from My Current WIP: Jenna with the Red Pen

We’re halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo, and it’s been going pretty much how my Camps usually go—slow with plenty of stops and starts. I set a goal for 20,000 words for the month, and considering all the stuff I have coming up in the next couple weeks, I probably won’t hit it. What I will do though, for sure, is finish the first draft of my third Rockin’ Austen book, based on Persuasion.

While I was looking for a line to use to participate in the #SunWIP Twitter hashtag, I stumbled upon this scene, squeed, and found it too cute not to share. To set up the scene a little, assistant director Jenna runs into the lead actor, Weston, her former high school boyfriend, in the hotel lobby where they’re staying.

I left in my editing notes in brackets, so you can get a peek at my drafting process too.

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A Space for Writers

I’m putting this into the world. Someday I want to open a writers’ co-op. A cool space where writers can come in and work on their projects, drink coffee or tea, and hash out ideas. A place to hold author talks, workshops, and other events. A kids’ area stocked with books for people who need to bring their little ones with for an hour or two while they work there too. Comfy couches and chairs with art and furnishings made by friends and local artists to decorate the space and a speaker system perfected by my husband for ambiance.

I’ve been eyeing buildings for sale for the last year or so, but not with any serious intent. This is just a dream right now, but I wanted to officially put it out into the universe. I know nothing about running a business and next to nothing about renting or leasing a building. I don’t even know if this idea is feasible or practical. I’m not entrepreneurial or outgoing by nature, but I do like bringing people together, and I love talking shop with other writers. So there we go. It’s out there now. That’s enough for now.

Character Enneagrams

While vacationing with my family in Alabama last weekend, our friend introduced me to this personality test called the Enneagram. What is the Ennegram? Your Enneagram Coach says:

The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) is simply a map (GPS) for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types.

After she explained which type she was (a 2) and also described some of her other friends and loved ones (we’re both married to 8s), I had to admit, I was curious. I took the test for myself and came up with 7 as a result. OK, I can see it. Then I decided to take the test for my characters Sharnita and Mike, the love interests in Sharnita with the Blue Nails.

All graphics were adapted from Your Enneagram Coach. I highly encourage you to go visit their site and take the quiz!

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In Defense of Opening Bands

“We should probably pay attention. This could be our new favorite band.”

Those were the wise words spoken by my BFF last week at the Magic Giant show. So many of the bands we love, including Magic Giant, we first heard as an opening band. And every time, we probably groaned about the fact that there were opening bands at all.

I was racking my brain, trying to think about where I had written about opening bands before, and then I remembered it was in the Epilogue of my first book, Front Row.

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